Clarksville Splash Pad

We arrived at Ricky Guerrero Park at 2006 South 6th Street ready to frolic, only to find the splash pad inoperable.

Unwilling to give up on our dream of jumping around in cool sprays of water, we headed north to the Clarksville Splash Pad, located at 1811 West 11th Street. In addition to the splash pad, the park has a playscape and restrooms.

The Clarksville area has a fascinating history, which you can read about here.

The kids enjoyed running around in the water sprays.


When we first got to the park around 4:45 p.m., my 9-year-old son was by far the oldest kid there and he felt a little hesitant. Once the boys started splashing around, they had a lot of fun. After about 30 minutes, some older kids arrived and they initiated another round of splash pad play!


Austin Active Kids Opinion: A quick and easy outing to beat the heat. Make sure to have a map handy: the location is tricky!
Outing Time: A little less than one hour.
Reminders: Pack towels and snacks.


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