Rock Island and Great Lawn

This morning, we loaded up the dog in the car and headed to the Zilker Park area for one of our favorite outings: the Rock Island on the Zilker Great Lawn and Lou Neff Point.

We arrived around 9:30 a.m. With cloudy skies and a nice breeze, the 80 degree weather felt relatively cool.

We parked in one of the small lots off Lou Neff Road (accessed from Barton Springs Road).

The kids’ immediate impulse was to run across the Zilker Great Lawn to the Rock Island (in the center of the picture below).


My boys quickly joined other children exploring the Rock Island.


I took our dog Eva Green (a border collie) to play nearby with some of the friendly dogs enjoying the lawn. She had a blast!


Once I rounded up the dog and kids, we ventured east across the lawn, crossed the Zilker Zephyr railroad tracks, and accessed the hike and bike trail at Lady Bird Lake. We walked along the trail to a small area where you can feed the ducks. These swans really steal the show from the ducks! Don’t let their beauty fool you: they hiss when they are displeased.


This mother duck and her ducklings were really delightful to see.


The kids enjoyed feeding crackers to the wildlife.


After we generously sprinkled the ducks and other birds with crackers, we walked to Lou Neff Point and contemplated this splendid view of the city.


We returned to the trail and started to make our way back to the parking lot. The boys and the dog were pleasantly worn out from running around. We had so much fun that we definitely plan to do this again soon!

Austin Active Kids Opinion: A simple yet wondrous kid-friendly outing!
Outing Time: A little over an hour.
Reminders: The Zilker Great Lawn area has port-o-potties but no public restroom facilities. Talk to your kids ahead of time about not running up to dogs they do not know. Don’t forget a brief mention of trail etiquette: stay to the right and watch for bikes. Pack water, snacks, something to feed the ducks, and hand sterilizer or wet wipes.


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