Pease Park Splash Pad

Summer is definitely here! The heat was getting to us so we decided to check out the Pease Park Splash Pad (1100 Kingsbury Street, Austin, 78705).

Not only is Pease Park historic, it is also home to Austin’s famous Eeyore’s Birthday Party.


There were many other kids playing on the splash pad to escape the afternoon heat but there was still plenty of room for everyone.


This water feature seemed to be the most popular: all of the kids wanted to play under the “umbrella” of water.


After getting cooled off, we went down to the banks of Shoal Creek for some fossil hunting.


It was a little too hot in the afternoon for the playscape, but we will return one morning to climb and slide!


If you would like to add a little hiking to your splashing and playing, you can access the Shoal Creek Hike and Bike Trail at Pease Park. This trail goes all the way north to 38th Street.

Austin Active Kids Opinion: Easy way to have some fun in the sun
Outing Time: About 1 1/2 hours
Reminders: There is not a lot of shade near the playscape or splash pad so you might want to plan this outing for the morning hours. Or, a shorter-than-usual outing for the afternoon is another option. If the splash pad water is not running when you arrive, look for the button on top of the purple pillar.


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