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Haven’t heard of St. Edward’s Park? You’re not alone! This quiet 80-acre park is nestled along Bull Creek at 7301 Spicewood Springs Road and not anywhere near St. Edward’s University in South Austin as the name might lead you to think.

Driving along curvy two-lane Spicewood Springs Road west of Loop 360, you could easily miss the small parking lot on your first pass.


My plan upon arriving was to take the kids and dog on the Creek Trail as described by Austin Explorer. Basically, we should have headed north. Due to bad planning on my part (which primarily consisted of not studying the map below until we were leaving the park), we ended up trekking around within the red oval on the map below. This kept our total distance covered to less than 1 mile. Truly, my boys and our border collie were just fine with that because it meant we had more time to play and explore along the creek!


From the parking lot, we started down this trail, which was surrounded by cactus.


The trail was flat and we had no problem walking. We later realized we missed the path to connect us to the northern section of the creek trail.


We knew that this downward slope meant we were probably getting close to the creek, anyway.


Eureka….the tiniest waterfall in Texas! Do you see the little splashes of water at the bottom?


We continued along the trail and found this old dam.


You know what happens next, right?


Check out the huge fish we saw while walking along the dam!


Just a few yards farther along, we came upon this crossing to the Hill Trail. My sons thought this looked like a really wonderful place to hang out for a while. Sounds like a plan to me! (Believe it or not, this charming area was just a stone’s throw from cars going by on Spicewood Springs Road.)


We easily found our way back to the parking lot by sticking to the paths that we could tell were closest to Spicewood Springs Road.

Austin Active Kids Opinion: If you don’t mind your head spinning a little from the trails crisscrossing (or if you plan your route ahead of time), you will be good to go for an easy and exciting outing for your kids.
Outing Time: 1.5 hours
Outing Distance: About 1 mile total. We plan to go a lot farther on our next visit!
Reminders: Bring along drinks, snacks, and towels. There might be some cleaning up to do!
Our area creeks ebb and flow depending on rainfall. If there hasn’t been much rain, the creek will not have the same levels of water as seen in these pictures. Always avoid stagnant water. In the St. Edward’s Park parking lot, make sure to secure your vehicle.
Learn about the area’s history and environmental significance in this Sun City Hiking Club description. Here’s more about St. Edward’s Park in this Austin Explorer article and also in an Austin Post column.