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10 Reasons Why Alliance Children’s Garden is the Best Playground in Austin

May 11, 2021

We recently checked out the Alliance Children’s Garden at Butler Park in Austin. With over 1800 5-star reviews on Google, this one-of-a-kind playground for kids is a true Austin wonderland! Take a look at why we love it.

Alliance Children’s Garden

#10 Cool Slides

The Wide Slide

The slides at the Alliance Children’s Garden are just plain cool. We tried out the extremely wide slide together. It was so much fun! No waiting your turn on that one- it can fit several kids at once! Each slide at this playground is unique and just really cool.

#9 Climbing Walls

Climbing Walls

There are several ways to climb here, but what really stands out are the specific climbing walls down the corridor right in the center. There are also interesting climbing walls alongside the slides for a fun way to get back to the top!

#8 The Sand Pit

The Sand Pit

You might find a few community sand toys left here, but I suggest bringing your own to play in the sand pit area. Your kids will never want to leave!

#7 Giant Chess

Giant Chess

We tried to play chess but ran into two snags. First, I have a 3-year-old who doesn’t really know how to play. Secondly, there were a few pieces missing. However, despite these obstacles, we managed to play an interesting game of…something nonetheless.

#6 The Salamander Statues

Salamander Statue

Bringing in a bit of Austin culture, the giant salamander statues are a fun climbing feature of the park. Did you know that Austin is home to 3 species of salamanders that aren’t found anywhere else in the world? You can learn more about our city’s salamander friends here.

#5 The Liz Carpenter Splash Pad

Liz Carpenter Splash Pad

While it wasn’t turned on the morning we went, this is a popular spot during the summer months. It’s big enough for many kids to spread out and splash to cool down from the Texas heat.

#4 The Big Hill/ Map of Texas

The Big Hill
Map of Texas

What kid can resist climbing (or running back down) a big hill? You’ll be rewarded at the top with a giant map of Texas!

#3 Music Features

One of the most unique parts of this new playground are the musical elements. It really brings that Live Music Capital of the World feeling home here.

#2 Climbing Ropes Net

Climbing Net

Pretend to be Spiderman, or just a giant spider while you climb to the top of this gargantuan climbing net!

#1 The Tunnels at Alliance Children’s Garden

The Tunnels

I guarantee you will not find anything like this at any other playground here in Austin. These grassy tunnels are just so pretty and unique! I love how they look like they are part of nature with the turf covering.

Austin Active Kids Opinion: Alliance Children’s Garden

It’s settled. Alliance Children’s Garden is our new favorite playground in Austin. We just love it here so much and feel like it captures the true spirit of Austin. This is the park we would recommend to anyone who is new to Austin or is visiting. To read more reviews of other Austin parks, go here.

Outing Time at Alliance Children’s Garden

With all of the fun perks & surprises, you can spend hours here! Especially if you visit when the splash pad is turned on.


My number one tip for this park? COME EARLY!!! You will have a challenge finding parking if you do not arrive early. Park at the Dougherty Arts Center (1110 Barton Springs Rd, Austin). Make sure to bring sand toys for the sandpit area and swimsuits and towels for the splash pad (if it’s turned on). As always, plenty of snacks, water, and sunscreen.

Alliance Children’s Garden Location

1000 Barton Springs Rd, Austin

Alliance Children’s Garden Hours

5 a.m. – 10 p.m.