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Robinson Playground Park (Northwest Austin)

January 27, 2021

In the Northwest Austin’s Milwood neighborhood, there are two wonderful parks—Robinson and Rattan Creek—operated by the North Austin MUD #1. The parks are linked together by a series of walking trails. Robinson Playground Park is the smaller of the two, and as the name implies, this is truly a playground park.

Robinson Playground Park

This is one of the best parks for young kids. It has a small clubhouse and my kids thought it was the greatest part of Robinson Park. The three big dinosaur climbing statues are great for dino-loving kids! I would highly recommend this park for the three and under set, simply because the playscape is safe and small for the youngest playground go-ers.

Robinson Playground Park

Next to the little playscape is a larger playscape with “big kid” swings, a big balance beam/see-saw, and a tire swing.

What I liked most is that the park is small, easy to keep an eye on the kids, easily accessible from Anderson Mill but not close enough that traffic is a concern. The volleyball court and soccer fields are tucked away from the playground. Robinson Park is wonderfully maintained and there are clean restrooms.

Restrooms at Robinson Playground Park
Covered pavilion at Robinson Playground Park

We walked for a bit along the greenbelt trail beyond the park which is easy for a jogging stroller to handle.

Walking trail at Robinson Playground Park

Robinson Playground Park would make a good spot for playgroups to meet. There is not a parking lot, but street parking is easy to find.  The two parks nearby (Rattan Creek and Springwoods Park) are much more crowded, so of the three, if you have young kids, I’d recommend Robinson Playground Park.

Robinson Playground Park
13340 Humphrey Drive (at Amasia)
Austin, TX 78729

Republished with permission from Little Austinite.