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St. Edward’s Trail

January 27, 2021

Have you heard of St. Edward’s Park? This quiet 80-acre park is nestled along Bull Creek and St. Edward’s Trail is one of our family’s favorite places to hike in Austin with kids!

Finding St. Edward’s Trail

Driving along curvy two-lane Spicewood Springs Road west of Loop 360, you could easily miss the small parking lot on your first pass.

From the parking lot, we started down this trail, which was surrounded by cacti. We have also seen snakes at this park. In other words, make sure you stay on the trail and keep your little ones close!

St. Edward’s Trail Waterfall

If you stay to the left, you will find the trail that leads to the little waterfall.

Finding the waterfall at St. Edward’s Trail

Eureka… the tiniest waterfall in Texas! Do you see the little splashes of water at the bottom?

The waterfall

This is the best place to visit on a hot day. For instance, there is a rope swing right next to the waterfall!

The rope swing at St. Edward’s Trail

In addition, there are plenty of places along the creek that are perfect for toddlers to wade in. Therefore, this trail is perfect for hikers of all ages!

Wading in the creek at St. Edward’s Trail

Your kids will definitely want to get wet. In other words, make sure you bring swimsuits and towels (or at least a change of clothes)!

We easily found our way back to the parking lot by sticking to the paths that we could tell were closest to Spicewood Springs Road.

Austin Active Kids Opinion

An easy and exciting outing for kids who like getting wet!

Outing Time

1.5 hours

Outing Distance

About one mile total. We plan to go a lot farther on our next visit!

Bring along drinks, snacks, swimsuits or change of clothes, sunscreen, bug spray, and towels. There might be some cleaning up to do!

Our area creeks ebb and flow depending on rainfall. If there hasn’t been much rain, the creek will not have enough water to swim in. Always avoid stagnant water.

In the St. Edward’s Park parking lot, make sure to secure your vehicle. It’s best not to leave any valuables in the car as break-ins do happen here.

St. Edward’s Trail Location

7301 Spicewood Springs Road, Austin


Daily from 5 a.m. – 10 p.m.