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West Enfield Park

April 15, 2021

We went exploring at a few different parks in Austin one beautiful spring morning. First, we started at Brentwood Neighborhood Park. Second, we stopped at West Enfield Park. This park has a playscape, a pool, tennis courts, restrooms, and a field.

The playscape at West Enfield Park

The Playscape at West Enfield

The playscape at West Enfield Park is on the smaller side. It’s probably best suited for preschool-aged kids. There are swings and a small sand pit next to the playscape. We were lucky this morning and got to play with someone else’s toys they left over by the sand pit. In other words, bring some sand toys! There are picnic tables near the playscape that sit underneath the trees that provide nice shade.

The sand pit at West Enfield Park

The Pool

We noticed this large blue and white structure and wandered over to check it out. We discovered it’s the unique entrance and bike rack for the pool! So Austin, I love it! The pool was closed on the day we went. However, I would love to plan a trip back here on a hot day to check out the pool!

West Enfield Pool

The Field

There is a large field separating this park from the Mopac access road. This helps the park feel more secluded and prevents some road noise.

Austin Active Kids Opinion

This small neighborhood park and pool are a fun way to spend some time in a cute Austin neighborhood.

Outing Time

The playscape here is small, and on the day we went the pool was closed. Therefore, we only spent about 40 minutes here. However, if the pool was open, we would definitely be able to spend a great afternoon here swimming and playing!


Bring sand toys for the sand pit! Bring swimsuits, towels, sunscreen, and water for a day at the pool. Kickball with some friends would be fun in the big open field!


2008 Enfield Rd, Austin


Park hours are 5 a.m. – 10 p.m. Pool hours are available here.