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Anderson Mill West Park (Cedar Park)

March 25, 2020

Anderson Mill West Park is one that I discovered a few years ago with my daughter’s playgroup, and it has remained one of our favorite parks in the Cedar Park and Northwest Austin area. The park is part of the Williamson-Travis Mud #1, and I think the district utility does a great job maintaining the park. My kids like to watch the tennis camps at the courts while they climb on the playscapes. Sometimes, if I remember, we’ll bring shovels and pails for the kids to dig in the sand volleyball court whenever it is vacant, and there usually is a family doing that already when we arrive.

This park has a tremendous pavilion that is large enough to host even a regional symphony orchestra, which it did last year. The pavilion can be rented for use.

My children especially love the variety of climbing structures. I like that there are enough different playscapes and “ride on” structures to help distribute the crowds of kids.

There are restrooms, but no water fountains (that I recall seeing), not that park fountains with lukewarm water are particularly “refreshing.” The biggest drawback is the lack of a parking lot. The park is at the intersection of Dagama Drive and El Salido Parkway, next to Cypress Elementary School. Most people park along Dagama Drive, but in the summertime when school is not in session, I have seen people park at the elementary school. The park is not fenced in so it does open right to El Salido, something to keep in mind if you have a kid who likes to run off. Otherwise, Anderson Mill West Park is a good one for small and big kids.

Anderson Mill West Park
Intersection of Dagama and El Salido Parkway

2900 El Salido Pkwy
Cedar Park, TX 78613

Republished with permission from Little Austinite.