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The Park at Lakeline Oaks (Cedar Park)

March 25, 2020

The park at Lakeline Oaks (and also the nearby Anderson Mill Park) are facilities in the Williamson Travis County MUD #1, and I think that both of these parks are fantastic choices for picnic birthdays and playgroups. We’ll cover the Anderson Mill Park in another post, but the one at Lakeline Oaks is the newer of the two and is part of the Lakeline Oaks subdivision.

The Lakeline Oaks park has a small parking lot, but because it is on Old Mill Road which is a wide neighborhood road, there’s adequate street parking. This park has a building that may be rented for parties, with higher rates for non-residents. We actually rented the building to host our daughter’s big first birthday bash a few years ago when we lived nearby, and the process for reserving and getting the key to access the building was smooth. We didn’t have any issues with management at all, and the building is clean with a small kitchen (no oven), tables, chairs. The only drawback I found for using this building is that the interior is tiled so with many kids and people in the building, it was loud, but the doors can be opened towards the pavilion and park to alleviate some of the echoes.

Lakeline Oaks park has a large pavilion which can also be rented for group use. The pavilion is immediately next to the building and tennis courts which are only usable for residents with an access key. Unlike other neighborhood parks where the restrooms are unlocked only with resident keys, there are restrooms outside right by the pavilions that are clean and open for day park users. That is so helpful with little kids!

There are two playscapes that are actually separated by a small open field, large enough probably to throw a football around without running into anything. The smaller playscape is well designed for babies who are just starting to walk to even climb up and play safely. My kids fought over the springy rides.

The smaller playscape is next to a wooden gazebo, and I have met many-a-playgroups here back in the day in the scorching hot summer. Both playgrounds are well maintained. Each playscape has next to it a set of age-appropriate swings. There is a short paved path around the park’s perimeter.

Park at Lakeline Oaks
1000 Old Mill Rd
Cedar Park, TX 78613

Republished with permission from Little Austinite.