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Berry Springs Park

June 24, 2021

Berry Springs Park and Preserve in Georgetown has pecan trees, camping, a playground, hiking trails, fishing, and even donkeys!

Berry Creek at Berry Springs Park

The Donkeys

Photo from Facebook

Lil’ Bob and Pedro are the donkey friends that will greet you near the parking lot. You can even feed them, but please limit it to only a handful of grass or hay.

Pecan Trees

Climbing trees at Berry Springs Park

There’s an entire pecan grove here, and some trees are perfect for climbing. I’ve even seen people bring their hammocks out to the park and hang them between the trees for a relaxing afternoon in the shade.

Hiking Trails

The trails around the park are very easy to walk on and are good for beginner hikers, bikes, and even jogging strollers.



Camping here would be the perfect place for first time campers and those camping with young children. Here’s where you can make a reservation.

May be an image of tree and outdoors
Photo from Facebook


We always see lots of people fishing in various ponds at Berry Springs. Don’t forget your fishing poles and bait!

The Playground

The Playground

Berry Springs has a large playground with a few different sections that appeal to different ages.


1801 Co Rd 152, Georgetown


7 a.m. – 10 p.m.

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