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Kingsbury Commons at Pease Park

July 13, 2021

Pease Park has gotten a recent facelift and boy what an amazing place it is to see! Kingsbury Commons at Pease Park is unique and very Austin. This new space is incredible!

The observation pod at Kingsbury Commons

We got to Pease Park early enough to snag a great parking spot, but the place filled up quickly after we got there. There is only street parking here, so come early if you want to get a close spot!

Picnic Area

We immediately headed over to the playground, passing by the picnic table area. I couldn’t help but notice how clean the grills still were. Now is the time to have your next party there! Clean grills!

Picnic area at Kingsbury Commons
Unused grills at Kingsbury Commons
Cool buffet table at Kingsbury Commons


We made it to the first section of the playground, which seem more geared towards older kids, more skilled at climbing than my 3 year old.

The playground at Kingsbury Commons
The see-saw, reimagined

He tried this see-saw type thing and needed help holding on. It swings around, spins, and goes up and down if someone is on the other side, like a see-saw.

Balance beam

He loved balancing on this log and then hopping to the stumps.

This webbed net part was tricky for him, but my older boys would have had no problem climbing it.

Hanging out on a log!

Splash Pad

The splash pad at Kingsbury Commons

Unfortunately for us, the splash pad was not operating while we were there. Here is where you can go to check for updates on things like that. Wish I would have checked before we went, but we’ll definitely be back!

Younger Kids Playground

More playground
Spinning things


Sinks outside the bathrooms
Water bottle refill station!

Natural Play Area

Natural play area

This is the natural play area, encouraging kids to play and climb on pieces of wood, logs, and tree stumps. I love seeing this type of playground here in Austin!

Treehouse Observation Pod

Observation pod

We walked over to the magical treehouse observation pod area. The upstairs part was closed, but we found the bottom section very relaxing.

Giant Chess

Giant chess at Kingsbury Commons

We stopped and played a game of chess under the trees.

Walkway up to the top of the treehouse

This section was all roped off, and you can see the ladder set up insdie the upper section of the observation pod. We weren’t allowed to enter, but plan to come back so we can check it out!



We ended up going to the swings next and enjoyed the many different types of swings here.

Basketball Court


Bocce Ball and Exercise Station

We strolled around past the basketball court and ended up on the hiking trail, over by the bocce ball court and the exercise station.

Bocce ball court
Beautiful trash cans!
Exercise area

We even did a few sit ups and push ups to try out the exercise section of the park. We want to come back and hike the whole trail next time!

Austin Active Kids Opinion

This park just screams “AUSTIN”! Set in nature, so unique, so beautiful. We love it here and can’t wait to come back.

Outing Time

Due to the splash pad being down and the fact that we didn’t hike today, we were only there for a little over an hour. We plan to come back to splash and hike, and will probably be here for a few hours.


Come early for the closest parking as it’s only street parking and it gets very crowded by 10 a.m. Bring towels and swimsuits for splash pad play. Bring a basketball. Stay off the grass (for now) and it’s trying to grow.


1100 Kingsbury St, Austin


5 a.m. – 10 p.m.

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