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Brushy Creek Lake Park

March 25, 2021

While biking along the Brushy Creek Trail, we stopped at Brushy Creek Lake Park in Cedar Park, about half a mile from Parmer and Brushy Creek. It would have been refreshing to cool off at the splash pad, but it wasn’t open for the season yet. The water feature is open May through August daily and on weekends in September. First, you can read about how to maximize your fun at this park. Then, I will let you know the downsides.

Playground at Brushy Creek Lake Park

Park Features

This park is packed with things to do! For instance, a kayak rental station is at one end of the park, close to the water. We passed some bocce ball courts which had me make a mental note to go back there and play sometime. Just past the empty splash pad is where we parked our bikes, near the covered pavilions filled with picnic tables next to the playground. Beyond the playground was a sand volleyball court and an open field leading down to the lake.

Sand Volleyball Court


The playground structure is one of my favorites for preschoolers, even though it is tall. Once a child climbs up to the top, there is no way to fall off except at the openings for slides.  It is entirely enclosed with bars that are adequately spaced. Our toddler asked us to push him in the swings. However, there is definitely a swing shortage at this park, especially if it is busy (which it always is on the weekends).

Just 4 swings at Brushy Creek Lake Park

Sand Volleyball Court

After a while, the kids wandered down to the sand volleyball court where several other kids were playing in the sand. Although we didn’t have sand toys with us, there were enough to go around and were shared with my kids. It was fun watching a father flying a kite with his kids in the nearby field that separates the playground area from the lake. Therefore, I plan on bringing a kite with us next time!

Sand and water at Brushy Creek Lake Park

Brushy Creek Lake Park Splash Pad

The splash pad area is big enough for lots of kids to play at once, with a variety of big and small water fixtures for all ages to enjoy. Parents can sit at the benches or tables within the splash pad area while watching their kids play. The bad thing about this sprinkler park is that it is not entirely enclosed. Although there is a stretch of metal fencing to keep the kids away from the parking lot, there is also a very large opening where the children can see the adjoining playground. In other words, watch your kids or they might just run out into the busy parking lot! The bathrooms next to the splash pad are small and not very well maintained.

Splash pad, open May through August and weekends in September
Benches and tables in splash pad area
Restrooms at Brushy Creek Lake Park

The park has some pavilions and plenty of picnic tables and benches that can be reserved through the City of Cedar Park reservation system for pools and park pavilions. Overall, it is a clean park and has plenty of parking, unless it’s a busy weekend afternoon. It helps to get here early if you want to get a parking spot! Above all, there is so much to do here that you will have to return to see and do it all! For even more parks to explore, go here!

One of several covered pavilions at Brushy Creek Lake Park

Austin Active Kids Opinion

Brushy Creek Lake Park is a fantastic open park with a lake view and hiking trails. Between the kayak rentals, bocce ball, sand volleyball, picnic tables, playground, and splash pad, there is way more to do here that you could do in one day!

Outing Time

You could spend hours here!


Bring your own bocce balls! Bring some sand toys! Bring sunscreen and towels during splash pad season (May- September)! Bring a picnic! Bring a kite!

What else should I know?

The trail runs along this park in two directions. You can go east towards Champion Park or west towards Brushy Creek Sports Park, if you plan on hiking or biking along the Brushy Creek Trail from here. The water feature is only open May through August daily and on weekends in September. 

Brushy Creek Lake Park Hours

Half hour before sunrise until 10 p.m. daily.

Brushy Creek Lake Park Location

3300 Brushy Creek Rd Cedar Park, TX 7861