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Brushy Creek Sports Park (Cedar Park)

March 25, 2021

Brushy Creek Sports Park has it all: a skate park, sports fields, basketball courts, a disc golf course, a play structure, restrooms, and even access to the Brushy Creek Trail! Find out why we love coming to this park!

The Fields at Brushy Creek Sports Park

I was surprised by how spacious this park is! There are baseball/softball, football, soccer, and lacrosse fields. This would be a perfect place to come with a ball and practice your favorite sports.

Brushy Creek Sports Park Play Structure

Playground at Brushy Creek Sports Park

My kids love this play structure. It’s more of an obstacle course than your typical playground. There are no slides or swings, but rather lots of things to climb and challenge your strength and balance. In fact, even adults would have fun on this play structure. Anyone practicing for American Ninja Warrior should come here to train!

The Skatepark and Basketball Courts

Another fantastic reason to visit this park? The skate park! Bring your skateboards and elbow pads and practice your ollies with the other skaters.

Right next to the skatepark are the basketball courts.

Disc Golf and the Brushy Creek Trail

Just beyond the basketball courts in the woodsy section of the park, you can find the disc golf course. We like to hike around back in those woods when there aren’t people playing disc golf. There are several places to cross the stream back there and even a teepee made of sticks!

The Brushy Creek Trail continues just beyond the basketball courts as well. You can go either direction on the trail (the trail doesn’t loop). If you turn right, you will cross the creek over a bridge and can even wade in the creek further up the trail this way. If you go left, you will end up at the Brushy Creek Lake Park. Read about more of our favorite parks here!

Outing Time

When we only play on the playground, we stay for about an hour. When we bring balls or skateboards or want to hike the trail, we stay for about 3 hours.


This park has restrooms close to the main entrance when you first drive in. The softball/baseball fields are to the left. The playground is straight ahead. The skatepark, basketball courts, and disc golf course are to the far right. The Brushy Creek Trail is all along the back of the park. Bring your bikes or hike along the trail (not good for rollerblades or scooters, but jogging strollers are okay).

Brushy Creek Sports Park Location

2310 Brushy Creek Road, Cedar Park, Texas 78613 – Just Southwest of W Parmer Ln and Brushy Creek Rd intersection


6 a.m. – 10 p.m.