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Chisholm Valley Park (Round Rock)

February 4, 2021

Chisholm Valley Park is a hidden gem located on the west side of Round Rock. Tucked away in a neighborhood, you would never even know it was there! First, I will share all about why we love coming to this park. Then, I will offer some tips if you plan on going there for a visit.

The Equipment

Chisholm Valley Park has some unique features that you don’t see at every park out there. Upon entering the park, you see the see-saws.

See-saws at Chisholm Valley Park

Next, you see various climbing structures in unique shapes and sizes.

Then, there is a sand pit with dinosaur bones for digging!

Dinosaur bones sand pit at Chisholm Valley Park

And one more cool feature of this park is the soccer field/running track that lies beyond the playground.

The soccer field/running track at Chisholm Valley Park

We always seem to forget about this park, but my kids have a good time here. It’s never crowded and they seem to like playing in the big open field just as much as they like playing on the playground. In conclusion, if you ever find yourself on the west side of Round Rock, you should definitely stop by and check out this park!

Outing Time

We usually spend about an hour here, but you could definitely spend more if you bring a soccer ball and play a game or run the track in addition to playing! Don’t forget your buckets and shovels, or maybe even a brush to sweep away sand from the dinosaur bones!


A good thing to remember is that there are no bathrooms at this park. There is no parking lot here, but there is plenty of room to park on the street.


1201 Trey, Round Rock


6 a.m. – midnight