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Little Stacy Park in Travis Heights

February 4, 2021

We took the kids to Little Stacy Park after our visit to the Blunn Creek Nature Preserve. There are different sized play structures (for big kids, toddlers, and babies), swings, tennis courts, a volleyball court, a basketball court, restrooms, and a wading pool.

The Play Structures

There are three playscapes for kids of varying ages and abilities.  For the very youngest children, there is one area with a small “clubhouse” and a big turtle on which to climb.  There are two medium-sized playscapes that are easily accessible for preschoolers and bigger kids. My big boys loved turning the bigger play structure into an obstacle course. There is a set of swings for the older kids, and a set of swings for the infants and toddlers.

Toddler turtle
Toddler structure at Little Stacy Park

Beyond the Play Structures

We liked that tennis courts and a basketball court are connected to the playground. The volleyball court was higher up on a hill.  The entire park has large, mature shade trees.  There is an open field where you could have a picnic or fly a kite.

Little Stacy would be a great park to host a small birthday party for younger kids.  The wading pool wasn’t open during our visit, but when open it’s free!

Wading pool at Little Stacy

If you visit on a hot day, you could also take the kids to the nearby Metz Sprinkler Park afterward to cool off.  

One great bonus of Little Stacy Park is that it is in the 78704 area, which means that if you wanted to stop and eat somewhere before or after coming to the park, you are within a three-mile radius of some truly great local eateries, especially down S. 1st.

Picnic hill at Little Stacy Park


The big grassy hill would make a lovely picnic spot, so pack some drinks and food and a blanket! The basketball court has the baskets removed at this time, but normally you could bring a ball. The tennis courts are open, so bring balls and rackets to play! This park has restroom facilities. The Blunn Creek Greenbelt Trail connects Little Stacy Park to Big Stacy Park if you want to go for a hike and visit the other side.

Outing Time

We only stayed for about an hour, but you could spend much more time here if you choose to picnic, shoot hoops, play tennis, etc.


1500 Alameda Dr. Austin, TX 78704 (Really, the park’s “entrance” nearest to the playground is the smaller side street at 1401 Sunset Lane.)


5 a.m. – 10 p.m.