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Lake Creek Park (Round Rock)

February 11, 2021

Not to be confused with Brushy Creek Lake Park, there is a park in Round Rock called Lake Creek Park. This park is east of I-35, close to downtown Round Rock and the library.

Playground at Lake Creek Park

First, upon entering this park you will notice the pool. Second, you will pass the playground and basketball court. Third, you will see the dog park (Dog Depot). Beyond that are some sports fields and sand volleyball. This park is filled with fun things to do!

The Pool

When my son was on the year-round swim team, he would sometimes swim at this pool. It closes in the winter, but opens for swim lessons in the summer. Check the website for dates and pricing.

The Playground

Swings at Lake Creek Park

My kids all love this playground. It has equipment that is good for all ages. Above all, the play structures are unique and not what you would find at most parks. For instance, there is a merry-go-round, a weird standing see-saw, and a climbing spider web.

Spider web climbing net

There are also your typical swings and slides, however, they have varying sizes that are good for many different ages and skill levels. In other words, your kids will love this playground!

Slides and monkey bars
Standing see-saw
Many monkey bars

You can also find the park restrooms and covered pavilion next to the playground.

Restrooms next to the playground
Covered pavilion

The Courts

Right next to the playground are the basketball and sand volleyball courts. Bring balls or sand toys. If no one is playing volleyball when you’re there, this becomes a giant sandbox perfect for kids to play and dig in!

Basketball courts

We even saw people practicing rollerblading on the basketball courts while we were there. My 3 year old especially loved the painted hopscotch right in front of the basketball court.

Sand volleyball

The Dog Depot

Perhaps the most popular reason people visit this park is for the Dog Depot dog park.

Dog Depot
Dog park

We always see lots of dogs when we come here. In other words, it seems to be a popular spot for the Round Rock pups. The dog park is separated into sections for bigger dogs and smaller dogs.

Above all, please remember to pick up after your pup if you visit the Dog Depot!

The Sports Fields

My sons practice lacrosse here, on the fields just beyond the Dog Depot. You could also come here to practice soccer, baseball, and football if you bring your balls!

Austin Active Kids Opinion

A pleasant hidden gem in Round Rock that’s close to downtown and has it all!

Outing Time

We like to go for about an hour or two. If you plan on swimming, you could spend even longer here!


Bring your pups, sports balls (basketball, volleyball, soccer ball, etc.), and plenty of water and snacks! In the summer, bring swimsuits and towels to enjoy the pool. If you plan to stay awhile, bring bikes as well, to ride along the Brushy Creek Trail!


800 Deerfoot Dr, Round Rock