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Creekside Park (Brushy Creek Trail)

March 20, 2020

Creekside Park, along the Brushy Creek Trail, has basketball courts, tennis courts, a pool, a playground, and public restrooms.

Tennis courts at Creekside Park

We love stopping by this little park! Two of my boys have taken tennis lessons here through the Brushy Creek Park District. The tennis courts are locked and are only available to members with keys. There is also a pool, but there is a fee to swim here and the hours it is open are limited. The playground and restrooms, however, are free for all!

Riding toys at Creekside Park

This sweet little playground is a gem along the Brushy Creek Trail. There is the main playground structure with slides and a very cool (but slippery) rock-like formation on one side for more experienced climbers. There are swings and wood chip digging toys as well.

Digging at Creekside Park

Austin Active Kids Opinion

This is a fun place to play! We like that the playground is sort of hidden from the road, making it feel like a secret spot!

Outing Time

If you use the pool, basketball courts, and tennis courts, you could stay here for quite a while. If you are just using the playground, it makes a nice, quick stop along the Brushy Creek Trail.


Stop and use the bathroom here if you are heading down the Brushy Creek Trail towards Olson Meadows. That park doesn’t have a public-use restroom, but this one does.

What else should I know?

The tennis courts are for resident use only and will be locked. The pool has some private use hours and some open to the public, but there is a fee to swim here.


5 a.m. – 11 p.m.


Creekside Park
4300 Brushy Creek Rd.
Round Rock, TX 78681