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Champion Park in Cedar Park (Williamson County)

March 20, 2020

Champion Park has a little bit of everything for each member of the family. There’s a limited number of parking spaces, though we’ve never had any problems finding a place to park whether visiting this park mid-week or on weekends. I would imagine parking would be more of an issue on major holidays.

There are two ways to access the park. From the parking lot, there’s a clear, paved path that leads from the parking lot to the park’s amenities. You can also enter the park at the opposite end if you’re coming from the Brushy Creek Trail. If you are coming from the parking lot, first up are 4 bars for gymnasts of all ages.  The ground below the bars is the rubberized playground surface. Immediately adjacent to these bars are the restrooms, which are open to the public.

Champion Park workout station

Following the curving path, you’ll come to 2 covered pavilions that can be rented separately (or together) from Williamson County for birthday parties.  Each of the pavilions has built-in grills.

Pavilions at Champion Park

Across from the pavilions are some dinosaur structures for climbing, such as a skull, a rib cage, and some dino eggs. Any little aspiring paleontologist would have a ball in this section!

Climb on dinosaurs at Champion Park!

Just past the pavilions, there are 4 swings (2 bucket seats for infants and toddlers and 2 for older children). Across from the swings, there used to be a small sprinkler waterscape in the shape of a whale. This splash pad area has been removed and was closed off with caution tape when we were there last (March 2020). Not sure if they are going to rebuild it or what will be going in there. There are more covered picnic tables in this area as well.

The swings at Champion Park

Further down the path, there’s an area with mulch underfoot of three rock-like structures for children to climb and explore. The three rocks are of progressive height. I would caution not to let younger children wear Crocs or shoes with little grip when climbing up these slippery rocks because they are artificial and smooth.

Climbing rocks at Champion Park

The pièce de résistance is the covered sandpit for unearthing “dinosaur bones.” There are usually a few buckets, toys, trucks, shovels, etc. available in the sandpit for common use.  There are a couple of toy cranes that the kids can dig up the sand. The awning provides shade to about half of the sandpit, making this park more enjoyable for the kids (and parents) during our hot Texas summers.

Uncover the buried dinosaur bones at Champion Park!

Beyond the sandpit is the other way to access the park – the Brushy Creek Trail entrance. If you are at the sandpit and go left on the trail, the next park you will hit will be Olson Meadows. If you go right, you will hit the Brushy Creek Lake Park.

The way to the Brushy Creek Trail at the back of Champion Park

Austin Active Kids Opinion

We love this park. Between the climbing structures, the swings, the sandpit, and all the open fields to run around in, you won’t run out of things to do here! Bring some bubbles, a Frisbee, and a picnic and you’ve got yourself an entire afternoon!

Outing Time

We were there for about an hour, but you could spend more time here depending on how many snacks you bring!


There are no concessions to be had here so bring a snack, water (unless you don’t mind warm water from the water fountain near the restrooms), and possibly a change of clothes for the kids if you don’t want a car full of sand.

What else should I know?

There are usually shovels and sand toys laying around, but to ensure there is enough for your child(ren) when you go, you may want to just bring your own. Glass containers are not permitted. Check the website to reserve pavilions.


7:30 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Champion Park
3830 Brushy Creek Road
Cedar Park, TX 78613
(between Great Oaks Drive and Parmer Lane)

Republished with permission from Little Austinite.