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Olson Meadows Park on Brushy Creek Road

March 20, 2020

Olson Meadows Park is one of many parks along the Brushy Creek Trail in Cedar Park/Round Rock.

The playground at Olson Meadows Park

This park’s playground is fantastic, and it is well maintained. We met friends here, and the children loved climbing up in the larger playscape which has a central point that looks like a large metal tree house.  

There is also a smaller playscape that toddlers can easily climb up and slide down without a hovering parent to keep the kiddos safe. There are large shade trees overhead, which doesn’t mean much in the winter but would be helpful in the summertime.

The covered pavilion at Olson Meadows Park

Beyond the playground, there are small “hills” where many children were rolling down. Surrounding the covered pavilion are large soccer fields and a paved walking path. The covered pavilion has picnic tables and restrooms. Restrooms are only accessible with a key.

One of our favorite things about this park is the little stream that runs between the playground and the baseball fields. My boys love trying to catch crawfish in the stream, so be warned: shoes and/or clothes may end up getting wet! You may want to bring a little fishing net when you come.

The creek at Olson Meadows Park

The other thing my boys could do over and over again while we’re here is jumping from rock to rock! There are huge boulders that line the border between the park and the Brushy Creek Trail, and my boys interpret this as an obstacle course. They jump from rock to rock almost all the way down to Creekside Park and back.

Boulder jumping at Olson Meadows Park

The park is not well marked from the road. If traveling east on Brushy Creek, just look for the large playscape and covered pavilion. There is a quick turn into the small parking lot.

Austin Active Kids Opinion

This park is great! It’s pretty well shaded and plenty to do here other than just the playground. Makes for a fun stop along the Brushy Creek Trail.

Outing Time

Between the playground, the big open fields, and the creek, you could spend several hours here!


Fern Bluff MUD operates Olson Meadows Park so the restrooms are accessible only to those who reside within this MUD and have purchased a key. Keep that in mind if coming to this park! If there is a potty emergency, drive over to Champion Park or Creekside Park.

What else should I know?

There are baseball backstops here and lots of open space, so bring your baseballs, bats, and gloves or your soccer balls and nets and practice! Also remember snacks and water. You can reserve the pavilion here if you are a resident of the Fern Bluff Mud. If your kids like splashing in creeks or searching for crawfish, bring a net, water shoes, a change of clothes, and towels.


6 a.m. – 8 p.m.


Olson Meadows Park
4200 Brushy Creek Road
Cedar Park, TX 78613

Republished with permission from Little Austinite.