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Dick Nichols Park

March 24, 2021

We went to Dick Nichols Park on a chilly winter morning in February. because we braved the cold, we were rewarded with having the playground almost completely to ourselves! This park is huge and there is a lot to cover, so let’s dive in!

The Playground

I loved seeing this gate when we first approached the playground. No toddlers escaping into the parking lot here!

On this set of swings, there was one of those swings where you can sit and swing with your baby on one side. I love those!

Another set of swings

One nice about this playground is that it is fairly well enclosed, meaning there are not many spaces for little ones to go falling through big open gaps.


The sand volleyball court didn’t have any nets up when we were there, so it was essentially just a giant sandbox. Bring your sand toys!

Sand volleyball court

Another feature of the play structure that we liked was the variety of slides for both big and small kids to enjoy. Some were bigger and some were tiny. Something for everyone!

Kids always love going up slides, but we always have to tell them no. Here, they actually have a slide you are supposed to climb up! See it here:

We loved how colorful the entire playground is.

While the splash pad wasn’t turned on in February (obviously), I can image it’s a very popular spot in the warmer months!

Seal splash pad
Mommy/baby swing

We started upon the giant walking trail and passed by the tennis courts. However, we didn’t make it very far since my 3 year old complained of bring too cold. We turned back and walked down to check out the pool area instead.

Fish murals at Dick Nichols Pool

The pool was also closed for the winter, however I would love to come back on a hot summer day to swim and play here! For more of a hike than just the walking path, this park also connects to the Violet Crown Trail!

Austin Active Kids Opinion

A great South Austin park that has a lot to do! For more reviews of other parks we’ve visiting, go here!


You can play all the sports here, so bring your gear. Bring sand toys for the sand pit! Lots of water and snacks would be smart so you don’t have to stop playing! In warmer months, wear swim suits and sunscreen for the pool or splash pad.


8011 Beckett Rd, Austin


5 a.m. – 10 p.m.