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Northwest District Park

June 19, 2021

Beverly S. Sheffield Northwest District Park is in the Allandale neighborhood of Austin. This park has a playground, baseball fields, basketball and tennis courts, a pool, picnic tables, a pond, and trails along Shoal Creek.

Playground at Northwest District Park

We loved the playgrounds here. There is a bigger one and a smaller section. The big playscape has a ramp for all abilities. There is a climbing wall, swings, slides, and even a turtle to climb!

Ramped entry

The Pond Northwest District Park

There is a pond just down past the playground. There weren’t any ducks here on the day we came. The top of the pond was covered with a green film of algae. The pond was surrounded by lots of poison ivy, so keep your kids away from the trees over there!

The pond
Poison ivy!


There were lots of picnic tables underneath the beautiful shady trees at this park. You can reserve these spaces for parties, but if they aren’t in use, you can have a nice shady picnic here.

Austin Active Kids Opinion

This park is huge and so fun to explore! You could spend hours here! We loved the wheelchair access ramp for children with all abilities.

Outing Time

We only spent a little over an hour here, but if I had packed us lunch, we would have stayed longer and had a picnic under the shady trees at the picnic tables!


Beware the poison ivy! There was so much near the pond. This park has restrooms by the picnic tables.


7000 Ardath St, Austin


8 a.m. – 10 p.m.

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