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Eastwoods Park

June 19, 2021

Eastwoods Park is a lovely little neighborhood park in the Eastwoods neighborhood.


There is a newer looking playground that has elements of nature, like mushrooms and logs. My 3 year old loved balancing and climbing here.

Splash Pad

The splash pad operates during the summer months. Don’t forget your swimsuits and towels!

The Other Playscape

There are two playscapes here. This one looks a little older, but was still just as fun!

Eeyore’s Birthday Party

Eastwoods Park was actually the original site of Eeyore’s Birthday Party, a decades-long tradition for the city of Austin. This statue commemorates that.


There is a tiny trail that surrounds this park, perfect for a short little walk in nature! All of the trees make you feel like you’re in a forest and not in the middle of the city of Austin!


Eastwoods Park has tennis courts, basketball courts, and sports fields.

Austin Active Kids Opinion

Eastwoods Park is small but serene. It feels like a true escape from the city!

Outing Time

Because it’s a small park, we only spent about an hour here. There are picnic tables, BBQ pits, and restrooms, so you could stay here all day!


There’s a splash pad, so bring swim suits and towels in the summer! Check here for operating times. Also, you have to pay for street parking here on weekdays and Saturdays. Parking is free on Sunday!


3001 Harris Park Ave, Austin


5 a.m. – 10 p.m.

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