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Ramsey Neighborhood Park

June 19, 2021

We visited Ramsey Neighborhood Park one rainy morning and had the best time. This popular park can get crowded at times, so going on a rainy weekday morning was perfect!

Playground at Ramsey Neighborhood Park

There are a few different sections to the playground, that make it appealing for all skill levels and ages. Bigger kids will enjoy the climbing net and higher slide area. There’s a playground in the middle for all ages and a climbing section with little rock walls and balance beams as well.

The big climbing net

This was a little challenging for my 3 year old, but it’s perfect for bigger kids!

The middle playground

This playground is great for kids of all ages!

The nature playground

My 3 year old spent the most time on this playground. It’s more realistic and looks like nature, with turtles to climb and logs to balance on.


You can play all the sports here, like tennis, basketball, field sports, and more. There’s even a swimming pool (check when it’s open for the season here).


There are picnic tables set up under some shady trees.

Charming Details

One thing that is unique to this park are the dedication bricks. We loved reading people’s quotes and jumping around on the bricks. It gives you a real feeling on community and is something that makes this park special.

Austin Active Kids Opinion of Ramsey Neighborhood Park

We love this park! There’s a pool, tennis courts, fields, and several playgrounds for various skill levels. We see why this is such a popular place to play!

Outing Time

We spent a little over an hour here.


Street parking might be hard to find on a busy weekend day.


4301 Rosedale Ave, Austin


5 a.m. – 10 p.m.

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