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Shipe Park

February 11, 2021

In the Hyde Park neighborhood, just a few blocks from the Triangle at the corner of 45th and Avenue G, is Shipe Park. It is a small and simple neighborhood park, but my kids had a blast playing here.  

Shipe Park has just about the same amenities as Little Stacy Park: a wading pool (and full sized pool), tennis courts, basketball courts, large field, and playground.

Hyde Park Neighborhood

What a charming little part of Austin! I fell in love with Hyde Park the minute we turned into the neighborhood. Unique and colorful houses, locally owned businesses like a record store, a market, a bakery, restaurants, and even a cheese shop (be still my heart)! All within walking distance of the adorable Shipe Park. The streets in the neighborhood were all barricaded with signs that said “Local Traffic Only”, so as to keep the streets safer for pedestrians and residents.

We parked along the street next to Shipe Park, then walked down to Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery for some sugary treats. I’ve always wanted to visit this local favorite bakery.

Cookie from Quack’s

Shipe Park Playscape

We then walked back to the park so the kids could play. This playscape is very well suited for toddlers and preschoolers. There’s nothing terribly challenging about it, but I liked very much that the playscape is nearly fully enclosed. I could stand on the side closer to the street and walk along the structure as my toddler walked across the top of the playscape because nearly every opening that was not a slide was on this one side so I could catch him in case he nosedived. The slides start out small on one end and get progressively bigger on the farther end.

The playscape at Shipe Park
The swings at Shipe Park

Shipe Pool

Shipe Park has a wading pool as well as a lap pool. Both were closed for winter when we were there, but I got to see the beautiful mural inside the pool area.

The mural at Shipe Pool

The wading pool looks just like the one at Little Stacy, basic rectangular form that is two feet deep. In the middle of the park is a covered picnic area, surrounded by multipurpose fields. The park is shady with mature oaks. The basketball and tennis courts are on the outer perimeters of the park. Unlike most parks that we visit, there were more adults exercising and using the park’s amenities than there were kids on the playground. Some people were even having what appeared to be a cornhole tournament!

There are so many restaurants in the Hyde Park area and the Triangle, and we’re glad to have found this park. The entire neighborhood is just adorable!

Outing Time

We stayed for more than two hours, but part of that time was spent walking the neighborhoods and going to the bakery. If you plan on playing sports here or swimming when the pool is open, you could spend hours here!


There is a bathroom here (but beware of the swear words graffitied on the walls). Check the website ahead of time to see if the pool is open if you plan to swim. Bring a basketball or picnic blanket!


Shipe Park 4400 Avenue G, Austin, TX  78751


5 a.m. – 10 p.m.