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Splash Pad Tour of Austin

July 26, 2021

We visited three local Austin splash pads one morning for a mini splash pad tour of Austin. These three pads are smaller and less popular, so you may not have heard of them. (Stay tuned for a post about the bigger, more famous ones next!) Keep reading to see why we think these pads are the perfect way to spend a morning away from the crowds and in the water!

Rosewood Splash Pad

Lott Pocket Park

Lott Park is small, but the perfect size for kids 5 and under. There’s a tiny splash pad, 2 small playgrounds with swings, a basketball court, and a cool gazebo. The only downsides: no bathrooms and no parking lot. Be sure the kiddos have a potty break beforehand! You can find street parking pretty easily.

1174 Curve St, Austin.

Lott Splash Pad

There are two separate playgrounds at Lott Park, but both are geared towards younger kids (age 2-5).

Playground at Lott Park

If you’ve read our blog ‘Where to Climb Trees in Austin,’ you know my 3-year-old loves to climb! He had a blast on this blue structure and the giant rock on the other side of the playground.

Rosewood Park

Rosewood Park has a large field, lots of shady trees, a nice pirate ship playground, a big pool, tennis courts, and a little splash pad. Even though the splash pad was on the small side, my son had the most fun here! Out of all 3 splash pads, this was his favorite. There were only 3 other kids when we came, so it never felt too packed, but if there were any more kids it would have made it feel pretty crowded.

The playground was awesome. However, it is in direct sunlight, and the day we came was extremely hot. Because of this, my son didn’t want to play at the playground for very long. If you come on a hot day, be sure to pack sunscreen and a hat!

There is a parking lot and the restrooms are near the pool.

2300 Rosewood Ave, Austin.

Splash Pad at Rosewood Park
Rosewood Splash Pad
Rosewood Splash Pad
Rosewood Park Playground Pirate Ship

BONUS: The playground had this cool pirate ship!

Rosewood Park

Metz Park

Metz Park has a splash pad, a playground, basketball, and a huge open field/park space. One of the coolest parts of this splash pad was the giant Olaf mural!

Downsides to Metz: No shade at the splash pad. Since we went on a hot day, not even the water could keep us cool for very long.

2400 Canterbury St, Austin.

Metz Splash Pad

We just loved this adorable Olaf mural at Metz Park!

Olaf mural at Metz Park
Playground at Metz Park

The playground was really nice and had equipment for a wide range of ages.

Cannon at Metz Playground (Proud mom moment: my son impressed me by knowing this was a cannon!)

Austin Active Kids Opinion

We had a great time filling our morning with three little splash pads in Austin. Even though they were small, they were still fun and a lot less crowded than the bigger, more well-known splash pads.

Outing Time

We were out for a couple of hours total, from about 9:30 a.m. until about 11:30 a.m. After that, we picked up lunch after the last park, making it the perfect morning activity.


Bring sunscreen, towels, snacks, water, and some little cups or empty containers to fill up with water.

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